[Labex CSC / NIE] SOLVAY R&D Conference

Le 27 mars 2015
De 11h00 à 12h30
ISIS, Strasbourg

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Patrick Maestro, Scientific Director of Solvay group, will give a talk entitled :

 “Asking more from chemistry, Research and Innovation in the Solvay group”.

He will present the industrial activity of the Solvay group, and related R&I activities and challenges for the future.  In a culture of sustainability, innovation and operational excellence, Chemistry is a key to delivering progress.  Patrick Maestro will explain how Solvay’s R&I organisation involves BUs R&D teams and also joints team with academia, on longer term projects and competencies. This will be exemplified through examples of what Solvay is doing in fields related to materials science, formulation, and sustainable chemistry. A specific focus will be given on Solvay’s interest for new active materials, biobased chemistry, chemistry for energy and environment.

The SOLVAY R&D conference is organized by the FRC, the Labex CSC and NIE.