Edition 2011

Retrouvez sur cette page la liste des projets financés par le LabEx Chimie des Systèmes Complexes en 2011.


Titre du projet
The role of mutual cross-talk between the membrane anchoring sequence and the polyglutamine tract of Huntingtin during its self-organization into supramolecular assemblies BECHINGER Burkhard
New light-controlled methods to investigate the chemical signaling in a family of ligand-gated ion channels GRUTTER Thomas
Synthesis and study of bimodal systems for MRI and two-photon PDT HEITZ Valérie
From tectons to coloured and luminescent Crystals of crystals HOSSEINI Wais
Cascade Electronic Energy Transfer in Sequence-controlled Polymer Scaffolds LUTZ Jean-François
RNA as chemical reactor vessel : A novel approach towards antiviral therapy PALE Patrick
Multifunctional organic devices from complex self-organised molecular systems (MULTISYS) SAMORI Paolo
3D-Film self-construction under “smart-surface” control SCHAAF Pierre
Toward self-assembled conducting wires TUREK Philippe
Development of radiolysable functional groups; towards radiation-responsive prodrugs to treat cancer WAGNER Alain