Edition 2012

Retrouvez sur cette page la liste des projets financés par le LabEx Chimie des Systèmes Complexes en 2012.


Titre du projet
From a Figure-eight based molecular machine to the Whitehead link SAUVAGE Jean-Pierre
Multifunctional chemical approaches to render carbon nanotubes biodegradable BIANCO Alberto
Electron and proton transfers in the LytB catalyzed reaction, a complex protein reducing system involved in the biosynthesis of isoprene units in bacteria and plant chloroplasts ROHMER Michel
Cation-Coupled Electron Transfert : a Theoritical Challenge in Metastable Organized Systems ROBERT Vincent
Photo-addressable magnetic nano-objects for spintronic devices WEISS Jean
Understanding the mechanisms of antimalarial redox-active substrates in Plasmodium-infected red blood cells: a combined physico-chemical and computational approach to unveiling biological complexity VARNEK Alexandre
Stimuli-responsive nanoreceptors with a size-controlled cavity HEITZ Valérie
The complex chemistry of the metal assisted aggregation in amyloids: self-assembly and hydrogen bonding studied in the far IR/THz HELLWIG Petra
Combined synthetic, spectroscopic, magnetic and theoretical studies directed towards the structural and reactivity understanding and tuning of novel, "undercoordinated", open-shell organometallics BRAUNSTEIN Pierre
Energy storage in Myosin: from molecular function to pathology CECCHINI Marco