Edition 2013

Retrouvez sur cette page la liste des projets financés par le LabEx CSC en 2013.


Titre du projet
Nanoparticles based on different generation adamantane dendrons for therapeutic applications: Design, synthesis and self-assembly studies BIANCO Alberto
On the Gating Mechanism of P2X Receptors CECCHINI Marco
Versatile large area aligment of metal nanorods and nanowires in Layer-by-Layer assembled films DECHER Gero
Towards Selfconstructing Dynamic Proteins GIUSEPPONE Nicolas
Crystal welding: from molecules to networks of crystals HOSSEINI Mir Wais
Self-assembly of ionic fluorescent dyes inside polymer nanoparticles: engineering bright fluorescence and switching MELY Yves
Prebiotic Formation of Biopolymers through Catalytic Induced Intramolecularity MORAN Joseph
Complex Homogenous Catalytic Systems: For a Systemic Approach of Tandem Molecular Catalysis PFEFFER Michel
Multi-configuration density-functional theories for excited states ROBERT Vincent
Engineering of CompleX responsive interfaCes as activE self-organised Layers of organic thin-film transistors (EXCEL) SAMORI Paolo
Engineering of electrochemical complexity: from micro- to nanostructured electrodes SAVINOVA Elena
Morphogenic self-buildup of polymeric films controlled by electrochemistry: application for enzyme immobilization SCHAAF Pierre
Artificial Solar Concentrators (ASC) : From Random to Organized Cascade energy Transfer ZIESSEL Raymond