Edition 2015

Liste des lauréats

Retrouvez sur cette page la liste des projets financés par le LabEx CSC en 2015.


Titre du projet
Peptide supramolecular assembly as a determinant of biological function BECHINGER Burkhard
Multi-functionnal hybrid nano-objects for image-guided therapy BEGIN-COLIN Sylvie
Self-assembly of tyrosine derivatives into controlled supramolecular nanostructures BIANCO Alberto
A novel approach to the calculation of protein-ligand binding free energies CECCHINI Marco
Structural and Photophysical properties of functional Rhenium(I) complexes embedded in metalloproteins DANIEL Chantal
Molecular Turnstiles under Strong Coupling EBBESEN Thomas
Ultra small gold nanoparticle-antibody conjugates for targeted visualization of intracellular proteins within living cells by high resolution electron microscopies FRISCH Benoît
Hierarchically structured supramolecular polymers for organic electronics GIUSEPPONE Nicolas
Reading Polymers: Recognition of water-soluble polymers in biological nanopores LUTZ Jean-François
Atomically precise Nitrogen-doped 2D Carbon-based graphene-like structures via bottom-up dynamic covalent chemistry (CREATIVE) SAMORI Paolo
Towards self assembly of nanostructures built from porphyrins WEISS Jean