Edition 2017

Liste des lauréats

Retrouvez sur cette page la liste des projets financés par le LabEx CSC en 2017.


Titre du projet
Self-assembled backbone homologated beta and gamma peptide-based hydrogels in combination with carbon nanomaterials BIANCO Alberto
Supramolecular Architecture for unachievable distal aliphatic C-H activation COLOBERT Françoise
Bio-inspired nano-reinforced LbL-composite materials DECHER Gero
Auxiliary catalysis: beta-arylation of alcohols by dual relay of cooperative transition-metal catalysts DYDIO Pawel
Modifying chemical reactivity through quantum entanglement EBBESEN Thomas
Mimics of the trimeric copper uptake domain of the Cu transporter Ctr1: Coordination chemistry and Cu-exchange with amyloid-beta FALLER Peter
Supramolecular oscillations in a perylenediimide based self-assembling system. HERMANS Thomas
Functional welded crystals HOSSEINI Mir Wais
Asymmetric Labeling to probe Homodimer Interfaces by Cross-linking – Mass Spectrometry approaches LEIZE-WAGNER Emmanuelle
Chemistry of skin vs respiratory allergens in Reconstructed Human Epidermis: a new approach to study proteic complex systems combining HRMAS NMR and proteomic mass spectrometry LEPOITTEVIN Jean
Directed Bronsted Acidity: Overriding Inherent Regiocontrol through Spatial Preorganization MORAN Joseph
Study of sigma-hole interactions in solution: design synthesis and applications of new halogen and chalcogen bond donors PALE Patrick
Nanotubes of cyclic porphyrin dimers - tetramers or oligomers and inclusion of polyoxometalate(s) RUHLMANN
Complex AdaPtive self-assembled neTworks for ion and hUmidity sensing through optoelectronic REadout (CAPTURE) SAMORI Paolo