Recruiting internationally renowned researchers

One of our main objectives is to recruit and retain top junior and senior talents on both a national and international level. The University of Strasbourg is able to attract the best researchers through a combination of quality of the local research, the availability of outstanding facilities and the start-up packages than can be provided by the cluster, in synergy with the parent organisations (CNRS and University) and the host institute. Thus, 4 new team leaders joined the cluster :  Prof. Luisa de Cola, Dr. Joseph Moran, Dr. Thomas Hermans and Dr. Vladimir Torbeev.

The recruiting of these new PIs brings new research themes to Strasbourg, a crucial point to maintain its position at the highest international level.


>1M€ for recruitment of 4 chair-holders to fill strategic areas of expertise and meet our scientific objectives:

Luisa De Cola (2011)
Senior group: Chair of the supramolecular chemistry – biology interface

ERC Advanced Grant in 2009
AXA-University of Strasbourg Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry

Joseph Moran (2012)
Junior group: Chair of catalysis and synthetic methodology

ERC Starting Grant laureate in 2014

Thomas Hermans (2013)
Junior group: Chair of experimental physical chemistry of chemical systems

ERC Starting Grant laureate in 2017

Vladimir Torbeev (2014)
Junior group: Chair of synthetic biological systems/ evolvable chemistry

ERC Starting Grant laureate in 2017



Spreading the strengh of our cluster throughout the social and economic sector

The cluster takes part of a global socio-economic issue aimed at connecting the University of Strasbourg to major industrial groups.

Our achievements:
  • Contacts with major players in the chemical industries (such as SOPREMA, Sanofi, Solvay, Total) were followed up by frequent and regular visits to our members.
  • The University of Strasbourg is supported by the AXA corporation, which gave an exceptional 2.25 M€ donation for the creation of the AXA-Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry, now held by Prof. Luisa De Cola.


Launch of the AXA-University of Strasbourg Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry, in the presence of Henri de Castries, AXA Group Chairman and CEO