On this page, you fill find the list of scientific events organised by the Cluster :

18/12/2014 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] Minisymposium – Complex chemical systems as advanced materials

Invited speakers: Dr. Ludwik Leibler – ESCPI, Paris &  Prof. Stefan Matile – Unige, Geneva

1-3/12/2014 ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] JSPS Minisymposium – Supramolecular Chemistry: From Organization to Catalysis

20/10/2014 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] Minisymposium – Functional complexity in chemical nanobiosystems

Invited speakers:  Micheal Strano from MIT (USA) &  Tanja Weil from University of ULM (DE)

5/12/2013 (ICS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] Minisymposium – Complexity in macromolecular systems

Invited speakers: Prof.  E.W. 'Bert' Meijer  - TU Eindhoven (NL) & Prof. Stefan Hecht – Humbolt Universität zu Berlin (DE)

18/11/2013 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC / NIE] Minisymposium – Graphene: chemistry meets physics and biology

Invited speakers: Prof. Manish CHHOWALLA, Prof. Andrea FERRARI, Prof. Xinliang FENG

17/06/2013 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] Minisymposium – Cooperativity in complex chemical systems

Invited speakers: Prof. Harry Anderson - University of Oxford (UK) & Prof. Chris Hunter - University of Sheffield (UK)

17-18/01/2013 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
[LabEx CSC] Conférence Benezra-Kern 2013 – Les matériaux bio-inspirés : de l'art du feu à la chimie douce

Invited speakers: Prof. Jacques Livage – UPMC (FR)

On this page, you fill find the list of scientific events sponsored by the Cluster :

22-24/11/2012 (ICS – Strasbourg)
Colloque ERC – Frontier research in chemistry

8-12 septembre 2014 (ISIS – Strasbourg)
SUMMER SCHOOL – Challenges in Supramolecular Chemistry

The school will bring together some of the most renowned international specialists of the field presenting the state of the art achievements in the area.