Past events

Supramolecular Chemistry...and beyond !! Celebrating 50 years of Labo Lehn

From July 3, 2015 until July 5, 2015

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Labo Lehn, we are very pleased to announce an international scientific meeting on Supramolecular chemistry... and beyond!! Outstanding plenary...[more]

[Labex CSC / NIE] SOLVAY R&D Conference

March 27, 2015
From 11:00 until 12:30
ISIS, Strasbourg

Patrick Maestro, Scientific Director of Solvay group, will give a talk entitled :  “Asking more from chemistry, Research and Innovation in the Solvay group”. He will present the industrial activity...[more]

[Labex CSC] Minisymposium - Complex chemical systems as advanced materials

December 18, 2014
From 14:30 until 18:30
Institut Charles Sadron

Conférenciers invités : Dr. Ludwik Leibler – ESCPI, Paris &  Prof. Stefan Matile – Unige, Geneva See the program[more]

JSPS Okayama - Strasbourg Symposium - Supramolecular Chemistry: From Organization to Catalysis

From December 1, 2014 until December 3, 2014

In the framework of a future collaboration between Okayama and the University of Strasbourg, a symposium will be held in Strasbourg, entitled  "Supramolecular Chemistry: From Organization to...[more]

[LabEx CSC] Minisymposium - Functional complexity in chemical nanobiosystems

October 20, 2014

Conférenciers invités : Micheal Strano from MIT (USA) &  Tanja Weil from University of ULM (DE) Lien vers le programme[more]

Conférence - Supramolecular Chemistry of Isolated Nanospace

September 15, 2014
ISIS, Strasbourg

Professeur invité : M. Shionoya from the University of Tokyo (JP)[more]

Conférence - Supramolecular Design for Advanced Nanoscience

September 11, 2014
Salle verte, Faculté de chimie, Strasbourg

Professeur invité : M. Shionoya from the University of Tokyo (JP)[more]