Inaugurated in September 2011, this Cluster of Excellence gathers the strength of 18 principal investigators, and their teams, covering different aspects of chemistry necessary for the project.

It includes well established internationally recognized scientists as well as up-and-coming young researchers, belonging to five different formal research units in Strasbourg:

  • The Institute of Science and Supramolecular Engineering
  • Chemistry of Complex Matter – Institut Le Bel
  • The Institute of Chemistry of Strasbourg
  • The Institut Charles Sadron
  • Immunology and Therapeutic Chemistry

Thanks to a flexible and rigorous financial administration provided by the Foundation for Research in Chemistry and a governance rapidly implemented, the Cluster continue to strengthen its activities to promote chemistry of complex systems.

The funds of the Cluster of Excellence are mainly distributed as annual open calls which are opened to the whole scientific community of Strasbourg. This allows supporting research projects, new equipment and recruitment of personal. The evaluation of these projects is done by an external scientific advisory committee.