LEHN Jean-Marie

Structural and magnetic modulation of polymetallic nano-architectures


Supramolecular self-assemblies provide, with nanoscale precision, functional molecular architectures for spintronics and electronics. This project targets the synthesis and study of a new family of supramolecular complexes arising from the self-assembly of [nxn] grids or triangles with heterometallic 3d and/or lanthanide ions.

These new compounds will be studied at the molecular level using advanced EPR and magnetic susceptibility measurements to precisely determine their magnetic properties. Particularly, the understanding of magneto-structural properties of 4f or mixed 3d/4f compounds is still incomplete and a great challenge is to improve magnetic functionality, such as the behavior of single-molecule-magnets. Such metallogrid and triangle architectures could be deposited on surfaces, opening perspectives toward applications for information storage.

To carry out our project, we combine complementary expertise in supramolecular chemistry (M. A. Stadler), EPR spectroscopy and magnetism (S. Choua and P. Turek).