LUTZ Jean-François

High-speed Synthesis of Chain-encoded Dynamic Polymers


The aim of the present project is to develop a fast and protecting-group-free chemical method for the synthesis of monodisperse sequence-defined polymers. The proposed strategy relies on the successive incorporation of two different types of building-blocks using two distinct chemoselective reactions. These novel polymers will be prepared on solid- or on soluble-polymer supports using commercial or custom building-blocks.

In particular, as a proof of concept, a binary code will be ‘written’ on the polymer chains using coding (1) and non-coding (0) model monomers. The molecular weight and monodispersity of the formed polymers will be studied by size-exclusion chromatography and optimized soft-ionization mass spectrometry protocols.

In addition, high field NMR and other techniques will be used to ‘read’ and analyze the monomer sequences of the formed copolymers. Moreover, the formed encoded polymers will contain thermo-labile alkoxyamine covalent bonds and will therefore be dynamic above a critical temperature Tc.

Thus, the possibility to ‘erase’ the formed molecular codes using thermal degradation protocols will be analyzed. The possibility to ‘scramble’ slightly the sequences at milder temperatures (i.e. slightly above Tc) will be also investigated.