Pillar[5]arene molecular scaffolding for the self-­assembly of electroactive subunits for materials science applications


The general objectives of this project are the preparation of multifunctional pillar[5]arene derivatives with self-asssembly capabilities to generate either columnar mesophases or modified gold electrodes to investigate charge transport and/or charge hopping events.

The proposed synthetic approach combining recent concepts for the preparation of multifunctional nanomolecules (click chemistry on multifunctional scaffolds) with supramolecular chemistry self-assembly to prepare rotaxanes) will give access to a large variety of very sophisticated supramolecular ensembles.
In particular we propose to decorate the macrocyclic scaffold with nanostructures within columnar mesophases.

On the other hand, pillar[5]arene rotaxanes with appropriate stoppers will be used to assemble supramolecular polymers. The resulting self-organized nanostructures will be used to generate conducting nanowires that will be corporate in organic transistors.

Finally, the new building blocks prepared during the first part of the project will be also used to assemble electroactive systems onto gold surfaces for fundamental electrochemical investigations.