Application procedure




If you...

  • have a BSc in the field of chemistry of complex systems
  • are among the top 10% of the best students in your university according to your undergraduate grade
  • have a solid background of the English language
  • have a strong interest to acquire professional knowledge in the field of supramolecular chemistry

...then we strongly recommend that you apply for our Integrated MSc/PhD program!

Candidates who already have a MSc are also encouraged to apply directly to our PhD program if they have their own funding / fellowship.



  • Deadline for your application: April 1st 2018
  • Decisions will be sent to all applicants in May 2018
  • Start of the program in September 2018


The graduate school will be highly selective at entry (10 MSc students in 2018) as all admitted students will be given financial support in the form of scholarships (Master level) then in the form of PhD fellowships for successful MSc students.

The students will be assigned a mentor among the PIs to advise them on their studies and future. A strong sense of school spirit will be forged around common activities.

Non-French speaking students will be asked to take French language classes to help in their integration.